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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale
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Thermo shoes

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The most popular among winter shoes are thermal shoes, which are made from membrane materials using the modern technologies. Thermal Weestep shoes is the perfect choice for the active children.

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Dear partners, prices on the site are available only after authorization


When choosing the winter shoes for the children, one should consider the conditions of wearing. The thermal shoes are suitable for a mobile and active child. For a baby who spends most of the walk in a stroller and is just starting to walk, the boots or high boots made of leather, nubuck or eco-leather with a lining made of natural wool will suit.


The Weestep thermal shoes are made of modern membrane materials that keep heat, allow air to pass inside and remove excess moisture so that the feet are warm, but not hot. The lining can be made of fleece or natural wool.


The winter boots and high boots made of leather, nubuck, eco-leather are also widely represented in the assortment of our online Weestep shop. Inside this shoes there is natural wool or warm fleece. The upper part is made of eco-leather, a high-tech material, the physical characteristics of which are as close as possible to the properties of natural leather. The shoes made of this material pass air freely, keep their shape for a long time, are more wear-resistant than leather and at the same time are affordable and easy to care for. Many world brands actively use eco-leather, taking care of the environment, saving the lives of millions of animals.


The Weestep range includes winter children's shoes of all sizes from size 20 to size 38. We even have mothers who can look for models for themselves.


There are high boots with a zipper, boots with touch and close system or lacing, some models combine a zipper and lacing or touch fastener and lacing. Scroll through our catalog and you will definitely choose the range to suit your taste and finances.