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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale
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Thermo shoes

Today children's thermal shoes are very popular. At first, as soon as the products appeared on the market, buyers reacted to them with distrust. The main reason was the lightness, unusual for winter shoes. But, gradually, the products began to gain momentum in sales. The products have successfully passed the tests of winter cold and sudden periods of slush. And now, finally, the moment has come when thermal shoes have acquired thousands of fans.


weestepThe main secret of thermal shoes is a specially designed membrane. It is she who is responsible for the production and storage of heat. It consists of many microscopic pores, which are capable of transmitting steam, but do not absorb moisture from the outside. As a result, the feet do not get wet or sweat, which creates the most comfortable conditions for wearing such shoes.


The Weestep company is always happy to agree to cooperation, therefore it offers to buy children's dutik in bulk. Store owners who have already tried to sell the brand's products do not doubt its excellent quality.


Products are versatile. Thermal footwear is suitable both for regular walks around the city and for longer trips. It is not scary to be outside the city, far from home. Even at fairly low air temperatures, the danger of freezing is almost zero.


To get the most out of thermal shoes, you must wear them correctly. It is not recommended to wear it long before leaving the house. If you put on shoes and stay in a warm room for a long time, your feet may freeze outside.



Wool socks are not suitable for thermal shoes. It is better to wear cotton or synthetic fibers under it. They have hygroscopic properties, which makes it possible to create a thermal effect. Store products at room temperature, away from heating devices. Contamination from such shoes is removed quite easily. But it is not recommended to wash it. A simple wipe with a damp sponge will suffice.


Simplicity in care and storage is another positive quality that shoe sellers appreciate


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Weestep will please you with warm heat at the most affordable price. We wish you a pleasant choice of thermal treatment for boys or girls in our catalogue.


Wear quality and trendy shoes with pleasure, which will warm your feet in winter. Have a nice choice,  Weestep team.


Our children wear our shoes - the best guarantee of quality


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